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Features "Sverchkov 8" opened Art Gallery "Almazovo".

Exhibition and sale of paintings by famous artists, and art photography.

Artworks Artists Gallery "Almazov" carry the harmony and beauty of the world into your home. They can be a valuable contribution of your interior, gift for friends family, the basis of the collection and the collection of art.

Gallery "Almazov" created by a group of Moscow artists in the 1993 gallery received the name of the estate near Moscow Demidov "Almazov».

Gallery "Almazov" brings together more than 20 professional artists and sculptors - the Moscow State Art Institute. VI Surikov Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art (Stroganov). Shall cooperate with the gallery artists: Bato Dugarzhapov , Boris looks , Jury Zaryanov , Peter Bezrukov, Yuri Konstantinov, Vladimir Shchepilov, Alexey Ermakov, etc.

Gallery artists' Almazova "awarded at the International Art Exhibition at the Grant "Golden Brush", Grant-in" Renaissance of the XXI century ", marked letters for painting of Christ the Savior.
Gallery "Almazov" with the 2003 party of six elite international salons of high style and luxury «Luxury».
The collection of the gallery "Almazov" over 1000 works of art: paintings, pastels, watercolors, drawings, etchings and sculpture. Gallery "Almazov" has a unique collection of paintings - landscapes of Antarctica by artist Yuri Zaryanova.

Artist Yuri Zaryanov
member of the Artists' Union

Zaryanov Artist Yuri was born in 1951 in Moscow into a family of engineers.
In 1995, he graduated from Moscow Yuri Zaryanov National University of Arts (department of painting and graphics), AB teacher Grositsky and was admitted to the Union of Artists - International Art Fund.
Artist Yuri Zaryanov works in various genres of fine art: landscape, still life, portrait. Perfectly owning pastels and oil painting, he created over twenty years, a series of landscapes, many of which are in private collections in Russia and abroad.

In his paintings there is special, "emotionally - a philosophical" dominant.
artist manages to convey in their works delight in the contemplation of the beauty and harmony of nature and at the same time a sense of time ...
Zaryanov possess an innate sense of color and it allows him to create his works of rare beauty tone color.

Since 2003 Yuri Zaryanov a party of four Russian polar expedition in Antarctica.
Working in different regions of Antarctica, Yuri Zaryanov creates a series of sketches and paintings, which clearly revealed his talent as an artist - colorist. Unique works created in Antarctica, to convey the beauty of this unique and secret harsh land.

artist Boris looks
member of the Artists' Union

One of the leading artists of the gallery "Almazov" is Boris looks, whose works are in the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow and other major museums in Russia and in private collections abroad.
Boris looks born in Rostov region, graduated from the Krasnoyarsk Art School. VI Surikov Moscow State Institute. VI Surikov. Since 1980 - Member of the Union of Artists.
regularly participates in exhibitions in Moscow, Paris, New York. His works are in museums Zimmerli Art Museum (Gallery of Norton Dodge), State University of New Jersey (USA), Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow), the Museum of History of Moscow, painting collections of the Union of Artists of Moscow, Union of Russian Artists Association "M'ARS" .
Boris looks in his work combines two traditions - the people, in many ways the most ancient Christian and pagan ideas. The world of his canvases filled with symbols of Russian and Slavic culture.

Bato Dugarzhapov Artist
member of the Artists' Union

Over the last decade Dugarzhapov Bato is one of the best contemporary landscape of Moscow.
Continuing the tradition of Impressionism and the "Blue Rose", an artist working on a new, surprisingly modern graphic-plastic pictorial language. He is concerned about the play of light, colors, shadows, reflections, reflections of reflections. A born colorist, Bato their striking color combinations range is the most positive emotions - excitement, admiration, and passes overwhelming feeling of sincere joy of the artist from the contact with the beauty of life. Any act of nature artist can translate into poetic pictorial form.
Coloristic artist has a rare gift that allows him to create life-affirming images of nature, which harmonizes with the beauty of the soul with the emotional state of the viewer.

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