Moscow, Sverchkov pereulok,
house 8, building 1.
Metro – Kitaj-gorod, Chistye prudy.

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Most surprising is that this building has always been a hotel. Moscow merchant, commerce adviser Andrei Yakovlevich Collie built it in the mid-19th century to accommodate the guests and employees of its production. And even earlier - in the 18th century - there was a house to accommodate 30 students at the school draftsmen "Stone order" in Moscow.

We came here recently - the new team owners and managers - and immediately felt the potential of this space and energy accumulated over the centuries. We are trying to create in our hotel is not only comfort and convenience, but also a special atmosphere. Home-like atmosphere and the home of immediacy. Come, and you will feel it! Here you will not find prim metrodoteley and officious administrators. But our small but friendly team will do its best to make things comfortable. We tried to find a way out of any abnormal situation.

Our philosophy - is Beauty. Beautiful homes, beautiful streets, beautiful interiors, beautiful people, beautiful things. And if indeed the beauty will save the world, we are engaged in this.

And we have fun! Perhaps the most important thing? We have all the time for something new, something happens, something changes. Our regular guests do not cease to be surprised: "We do not know your porch," "Here was a door, and now the stairs?", "Bed in the lounge?! How much to spend the night? '. At first it scared us, but when our guests coming to the hotel asked "What do you have news?", We realize that we are on the right track.

Come here, we are glad to you! Like real Muscovites, we home, kind, welcoming and we are ready to share with you our Moscow. metrika yandex мини-отель Сверчков 8
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Moscow, Sverchkov pereulok 8, bild. 1,
Metro Kitay-gorod, Chistye prudy.